Google celebrates its 20th birthday: A look back on 2 decades


Google’s exact “birthday” remains a mystery, but the company officially lists September 27, 1998 as the day the company began. Today it is celebrating the occasion with an animated doodle that spotlights notable events from each of the 20 years since then.

It’s an interesting look back in time, and for someone who was present at Google’s “birth,” a remarkable reminder of how much has changed in two decades.

The official Google 20th birthday doodle page has a number of other interesting tidbits worth exploring, including a link to a fun 20 years with Google tool that randomly cycles through the most popular search terms for a couple of dozen categories over the years. Here you can glean insights such as:

Warning: Clicking the links above can be highly addictive…

The doodle page also invites you to explore 20 notable Doodles throughout Google history, offers a map that lets you drill down on country-specific doodles around the world and finally, shows you each of the company’s birthday doodles from the past 20 years.

Happy birthday, Google!

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