Augmented reality artist creates sculptures using Bing search


At the Annual Bing Agency Awards in New York City on Thursday, guests were asked to input random search queries (e.g., “Flower”) into a simple field, then watched as results were mapped to the wireframes of the digital sculptures.

Bing API connected to AR platform. The sculpture forms were created by 3D sculptor Michael Murphy, working in conjunction with interactive agency Feelr, who integrated the Bing Search API into a proprietary augmented reality (AR) platform. To create the sculptures, Murphy used the search queries to scan through thousands of images in just seconds and refine them based on color, image type and resolution.

Search queries become art. Feelr’s augmented reality technology added a digital layer of computer-generated content and perceptual information to the user’s view of the real-time environment when viewed through a camera phone or tablet, with the “sculptures” superimposed onto the physical world.

“With the use of search, we have been able to design an experience where viewers are in control of the content,” said Murphy. “I believe that, with this visualization of search, Feelr and I have stumbled upon a new platform for creative expression and a new way of presenting data.”

Hints of what’s to come with AR and search. Bing suggested that AR technologies may become more commonplace in search interfaces.

“The world is moving quickly toward experiences,” said Geoffrey Colon, head of Brand Studio for Microsoft Advertising, which includes Bing Ads. “Search technology, though, has largely remained static: You type some words into a box and it gives you links to the information you need. But what if Search becomes an experience unto itself? This is where we think it could be heading.”

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