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Do you use Twitter for business?

Looking for tools to optimize your Twitter experience?

Using browser extensions to enhance your Twitter marketing will save you time and streamline your workflow.

In this article, you’ll discover five browser extensions to improve your Twitter marketing experience.

save time on twitter marketing with browser extension tools

Discover five browser extensions for Twitter marketers.

#1: Analyze Twitter Profiles With Riffle

Riffle by CrowdRiff is the first browser extension on this list because of the impressive volume of information it provides. It turns your browser into an analytics machine and tells you almost everything you could ever want to know about your Twitter performance.

Riffle presents data in a way that’s easy to understand and put to use. It lets you research your followers, target audience, and competitors.


Riffle provides an impressive number of engagement stats in real time for any Twitter account you want to research. Very helpful when you want to vet a Twitter user on the fly.

If users have connected their Twitter account to their Klout profile, it shows their Klout score, along with a link to that profile. This is handy because their Klout profile will list their other social handles (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), making it easy to connect with relevant people on other platforms.

This tool also shows you where people are tweeting from and what operating system and tools (TweetDeck, third-party apps, etc.) they’re using. If you’re an app developer, for example, these insights will help you figure out who your most social users are by device. Are your talkative users on iOS or Android? Do they tweet from a mobile device or their desktop?

Riffle has an extensive list of integrations, which makes its addition to your Twitter experience feel very natural. It works with 16 different platforms, including TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Twilert, and Mention. No matter how you use Twitter from your Chrome browser, Riffle should fit well into your normal workflow.

#2: Manage Twitter Notifications With Silver Bird

The Silver Bird browser extension gives you easy access to your Twitter feed, notifications, and direct messages (DMs). Click the toolbar icon to respond to tweets and DMs on the fly, from any page in your browser.

silver bird

Silver Bird makes it easy to monitor your notifications and reply to your Twitter followers without disrupting your daily workflow.

The extension’s small pop-up box gives you easy access to a large number of powerful features, so you can manage your Twitter account while getting other work done. Much like TweetDeck, it lets you sort notifications by type into separate views, such as DMs, mentions, favorites, and lists.

Silver Bird is a great alternative to the recently lost desktop version of TweetDeck, earning its place on this list of essential browser extensions for Twitter.

#3: Enlarge Images and Videos With Hover Zoom

The Hover Zoom browser extension is a simple concept: Hover your mouse over media and it will load the full version without switching to a new tab or page. Many people don’t properly format image resolutions for Twitter, so this extension lets you view their content without sacrificing speed from your browsing experience.

Hover Zoom is available only for Chrome, but Thumbnail Zoom Plus for Firefox gets the job done as well.

hover zoom

Hover Zoom works great for images with small text that isn’t readable until you actually click on the image itself.

Hover Zoom not only works for images and GIFs, but for video as well. If you hover over a YouTube link or preview, it will fully load the video with audio.

hover zoom

Hover over a video link and it will expand to full view without changing the page.

#4: Check Reddit for Tweeted Link Shares

The Reddit Check browser extension (available for Chrome) is self-explanatory: hover over a link in Twitter and it will check to see if it has been submitted to Reddit.

This extension is a great tool for monitoring conversations around very popular tweets, especially for politics and entertainment. The way Twitter records conversations can be confusing in comparison to the upvote/downvote system that Reddit has in place, so this extension is a great alternative.

reddit check

The Reddit Check icon will let you see how many times a link tweeted on Twitter has been shared on Reddit. That’s handy when you want to monitor sentiment or trending content.

If you want to get the general public’s response to a viral tweet, Reddit Check makes the process much easier. It also helps you see where Twitter profiles have been shared.

#5: Tweet From the URL Bar With Chromnitweet

Chromnitweet adds Twitter functionality to the Chrome address bar. Normally, when you type something in the address bar, Chrome will do a Google search for that phrase. If you install the Chromnitweet extension, you can use the address bar to send tweets directly from any page you’re on.


After you install Chromnitweet, just press Ctrl+L to access the address bar, and then type your tweet without having to switch over to your native Twitter tab on desktop.

Type “tw” followed by a space to change the address bar into a tweet bar. Press Enter when you’re done and the extension will send a tweet from your account. Much like Silver Bird, the benefit is that you don’t have to switch pages to tweet.

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You’re restricted to text-only tweets, but Chromnitweet is a great tool if you want to quickly share a link with your followers.


While mobile apps are great for working on the go, nothing beats the full functionality of a web browser. These five browser extensions will give you real-time analytics, let you tweet your fans from your browser, and track popular conversations on Twitter. Installing these tools will make your Twitter management experience much more robust, from quicker access to full-size images and video to on-the-spot analytics for each of your followers.

What do you think? Have you used any of these extensions for Twitter? Do you use any other extensions to enhance your Twitter management? Which is your favorite? Please leave your questions and thoughts in the comments below!

Tips on five browser extensions to help streamline your Twitter marketing.

Tips on five browser extensions to help streamline your Twitter marketing.

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