What your business must have besides a website for the best SEO Divi


Overview of your website plus social media

You launched your awesome new website and unlike in the past, where you then had to use traditional means of marketing and advertising, there are new steps to get greater gains. Keep in mind, it all ties in to your website.

Here’s an overview of what needs to happen next to see what your business must have besides a website for the best SEO, and then a little deeper look into each one. Be prepared to set-up, as many social media, and media pages as possible. A Youtube page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are a given, in fact, Youtube is quickly becoming the highest means of return for your social marketing efforts. In addition, don’t forget about some hidden gems out there like Pinterest, not just for people and their crafts anymore, Flipboard, where you can create your own magazine carefully selected with your posts and and other sources of news and posts. 

Now, once you have created your initial page, there are a few further steps to take with each one, like adding your brand identity, Twitter allows you to change the colors on the page, and Twitter, Facebook and Youtube allow you to customize the cover photos and profile images. It is important to have those all match your website, which in turn matches your brick-n-mortar business as well. Then the phrases within each page, the about me, profile, info, story, all need to match one another with one solid message, or collection of messages that flow together. Can you feel it now, SEO is beginning to wake up, but it’s still not impressed. 


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