Amazon Partners With Getty Images to Bring Image Search to Echo Devices


Amazon is partnering with Getty Images to bring image-based search results to all Echo devices with a screen.

With the launch of the Echo Show and Echo Spot, Alexa can now deliver visual content as well as audio content.

Amazon will tap into Getty Images library of premium content to deliver images for appropriate searches.

In a press release announcing the partnership, Getty Images states:

“Our premier collection of editorial, creative and archival content is a natural fit for Amazon’s Echo products, bringing best-in-class visuals to Echo users. We are honored to unite with Echo’s screen-based products and to use our deep library of content to give Alexa her best look yet.”

This partnership will allow users to their Echo devices with a screen and say, “Alexa, who won best Actress at tonight’s Emmy Awards?” or “Alexa, what is the capital of Uruguay?”

In response, Alexa will deliver the answer accompanies with the the most up to date imagery captured by Getty Images’ own content creators.

According to a statement Amazon provided to The Verge, Getty Images has already started servicing images for a limited number of searches.

The number of searches serviced by Getty Images’ content will expand over the coming weeks to include topics such as news, pop culture, and entertainment.

With this partnership, Getty Images now licenses content to a most of the major search providers

Google announced a partnership with Getty Images in February of this year, while Bing has been partnering with Getty Images since 2015.

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