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Author’s Note: We want to focus on giving you actionable advice for things you can pay attention to, evaluate, and implement quickly to make sure you get the most out of the remainder of 2019. First up in this series is our most recent webinar featuring ways for you to use Google Analytics and Crazy Egg together to drive the most conversions, quickly.

As we closed out September, we hosted one of our most popular Webinars to date: a deep dive on how to set up and use Google Analytics and Crazy Egg together to increase conversions — and to arrive at the decisions and inspirations that will help you do so, faster and with much less wasted effort.

Note: Everyone is appreciative of Google Analytics and the power it affords — for Free; but it’s not the easiest tool to setup correctly nor is it the easiest place to turn for fast, powerful insights.

The video is below; we’ve put some highlights and takeaways here in the event you don’t have time to watch the full video.

5 Easy Fixes to Get your Google Analytics Setup Accurate and Correct

As high as 80% of Google Analytics setups are incomplete or inaccurately done, leaving tremendous room for optimizing everyone’s setup.

Which is why we started the Webinar with a deep dive, hosted by Google Analytics experts The Rectangles, who took the time to walk us through the best way to set up Google Analytics, and then, perhaps even more importantly, the 5 things to look for when troubleshooting your Google Analytics installation to make sure you’re ripe and ready for success.

Here’s a great article that covers the subject at length if you don’t have time for the first 40 minutes of the Webinar. 

Use Crazy Egg to Get More Out of Google Analytics and Supercharge Conversions

Next we turned to Product, Strategy, and User Experience guru, Adam Clarkson, who showcased some of the most popular ways to use Crazy Egg and Google Analytics together.

Some brilliant nuggets of advice from Adam include:

  • Use Google Analytics to understand visitors flows and isolate pages for deeper analysis with Crazy Egg.
  • First, find “traffic leaks” in Google Analytics — places where visitors are deviating from the user journey you’ve designed — and see what pages they’re visiting and actions they’re taking instead. You can find “traffic leaks” in Google Analytics by setting up Goal pages, then defining the paths to those landing pages. By building funnels and journeys you will see exactly how many visitors are dropping off at each step.
  • Then, use Crazy Egg to ensure you have Snapshots created for those pages so you can watch aggregate behavior (Heatmaps), segmented behavior (Confetti), and individual user journeys (User Recordings) to diagnose the challenge and update the experience to drive toward your priority goals. You can get strategic about using Crazy Egg in conjunction with Google Analytics by creating Snapshots of all the funnel pages associated to your Goals in Google Analytics; then diving deeper to understand why you aren’t performing as well as you’d like and what you can do to improve via the robust tools available to you.

Here’s the full Webinar.

Author: Suneet Bhatt was the GM of Crazy Egg for two years, and prior to that, a user for nearly a decade. He’s shifted his time and energy to bringing his 20 years of product, marketing, and leadership experience to more mission-driven work. You can always find him and his series of children’s books at Dream Village. 

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