$45 Million Newport Beach Mansion Lists With Hip Hop YouTube Video


This newly constructed Newport Beach is listed for nearly $45 million.Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

A rare 14,000-square-foot beachfront mansion with an Sea World-style aquarium, underwater-speaker pool, multi-boat dock and $1 million windows is listed in Newport Beach, California for a shade under $45 million ($44.99 million if you’re pinching pennies). Tim Smith of Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker has the listing.

he 14,000-square-foot mansion spreads across three lots.Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

The dock holds at least four vessels, including yachts.Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

If you’re wondering what this estate has, a better question would be, what doesn’t it have? This newly constructed residence has more bells and whistles than Grand Central Station. That likely explains the millennial-style marketing tool Smith deployed—a YouTube hip-hop video “Teach Me How to Duffy” (a spoof of the 2010 viral hit, “Teach Me How to Dougie”), which is filmed at this 1813 E. Bay Ave. property. More on that later.

Indoor-outdoor vibeTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

The casual estate exudes coastal living with an indoor-outdoor ambiance.Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Designed by architect Robert Sinclair, it’s seemingly built (by Patterson Custom Homes, and finished by Blackband Design) as the second coming of Noah’s ark—with two gourmet kitchens, two bars, two game rooms (one with a giant Scrabble board), and new dock that houses at least four vessels for an escape. But there’s more: an executive office, theater, gym, mud room, sauna and yes, a craft room (just in case you invite Martha Stewart over).

Light-filled master bedroom with Medieval-style chandelierTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

The residence features more than $1 million of light-inviting Riviera Bronze windows.Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

“It’s a sophisticated city-modern design, which meets the comfort and casualness of living by the sea with the most innovative technology and systems,” says Smith.

Priceless bay front viewsTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

There are more billionaires bay front in Newport Beach than anywhere else in California, says listing agent Tim Smith.Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Boasting 90 feet of frontage across three lots, the Orange County property may even catch the eye of envious neighbors, with its towering façade and luxurious backyard amenities such as a cooking area, fire pit, bay beach, hot tub, and the 57-foot-long pool with sub-surface speakers.

The pool, dock and beachTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

The property is nestled on Balboa Penisnula between the beach and bay.Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Nestled between the beach and bay on Balboa Peninsula, the massive five-bedroom, six bathroom estate residence blends indoor-outdoor casual coastal living, courtesy of $1 million of light-flooding Riviera Bronze windows. But casual doesn’t fully describe the interiors, which boast striking design elements like the 1,100-gallon aquarium, a floating staircase beneath an oversized skylight, precision millwork, and a fireplace with a 16-foot stone hearth and mantle.

Wine storage and 1,100-gallon aquariumTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Home theaterTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

All this stuff requires state-of-the-art technology and security. The residence features whole-house automation and security with surveillance, six HVAC compressors, a four-stop elevator (told you, Grand Central!), five-car garage with EV plug-ins, three Tesla solar batteries, and 16-kilowatt solar panels that power critical house infrastructure during power outages.

Luxury kitchenTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Dining roomTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

It’s a huge mansion, so Smith went big with his campy video, an unofficial sequel to the viral hit by hip hip group Cali Swag District (featuring Future and Oluniké Adeliyi), which sparked a dance craze. The SNL-style spoof (which reportedly cost $50,000), features a seemingly mismatched tandem of Smoove da General and Yung from Cali Swag District with young millennial influencers who are all down with partying at this $45 million crib.

Bedroom loftTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Loaded master bathroom with saunaxTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

While not likely to ignite another sure-fire viral hit, the spoof aims high (or low) with lyrics like “Yo, check this place, the finest house on the harbor, it can park eight Duffies on the dock just for starters,” which could help the estate become a pop culture landmark (especially if the video sells the house). Who knows, maybe this video will spark a trend where brokers and agents perform as singers and actors (many are unsuccessful actors anyway).

Craft roomTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Dating Website Marketing

Music spaceTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Smith (rap moniker “T-Smith”) steps to the mic himself, breaking it down with his video entourage in tow: “14,000 on three lots, five bedrooms with a loft; game room and a gym, and two bars for your gin; infinity pool for the swim, check the master soak it in; solar power off the grid, Tesla backups for the win.” No doubt a risqué move, but Smith closes the deal with standard real estate rap: “Check the views you’ve been missing, Tim Smith with the listing.”

Listing agent Tim Smith raps the estate’s unique features in this innovative millennial-style YouTube marketing strategy. (Screenshot)Smith Group Films

An SNL-style hip hop spoof promotes the estate’s amazing features on YouTub.Tim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Could Smith’s target audience for this property be Hollywood idols, sports superstars, music icons or millionaire YouTubers? More likely young billionaire tech execs who find the video amusing.

Morning sunriseTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Fire pitTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

“There are more billionaires bay front in Newport Harbor than in any other location in Southern California,” says Smith. “We have the older, established someone who has lived in other Orange County locations and is looking for their last and final spot and doesn’t want to go through the building process. Or we have the younger business owner/executive who just sold their company or had a liquidity event who wants to get away from hot summers and cool winters, loves California and especially Newport Beach.”

Sunset in Newport BeachTim Smith Group/Coldwell Banker

Anyone else would take light years to explain what “Dougie” means—or why a house needs two game rooms. Why not?

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